Founder Jerry Binder


In 1951, Jerry Binder teamed up with George Kaye to form Modern Settings. Prior to their forming Modern Settings, George was a head toolmaker and my father a regional salesman for what was then the largest jewelry manufacturer in this country. They knew that by partnering with other manufacturers to produce dependable high-quality jewelry products, both they and their customers would be successful in an ever-growing consumer market.

George and Jerry opened up a small factory on East 12th Street in Manhattan. Their initial product line consisted of 13 different die-struck diamond trims, all in precious metal. These items still are in our catalog, more than a half-century later. As they prospered, the line got bigger and bigger. They expanded into new fields of jewelry findings, including shanks, settings, bezels, tops and initials. By 1967, Jerry was boasting of being the largest manufacturer of gold initials in the country, selling more than a million gothic initials, with tubing, that year alone.

With children in a family business, my brother, Charles and I spent many of our teenage years in the factory working at foot presses, single and double-action air drops and tumblers -- and I even watched George Kaye operate one of the first EDMs imported into the United States. Everyone always remember Jerry Binder preaching that if you listened to the needs of your customers and gave them a high-quality product to fit their needs, then you'd always be successful. If Modern ever had a credo, that was it. 61 years later, that "largest jewelry manufacturer" is a long-gone memory. Many of our competitors have closed or been merged. Modern Settings works hard to stay alive and thrive. In running Modern, we try to be as good as Jerry Binder -- and that means a lot. Today, Modern's products carry on the family tradition of quality and dependability. Our latest wedding band line is one example of where the best of the past and today's most up-to-date machinery and technology come together to create some of the world's finest jewelry products. Take a look inside and judge for yourself if Modern is following Jerry's credo: We Listen!